Unintended Consequences: LE Perspectives on Federal Policies

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Unintended Consequences: LE Perspectives on Federal Policies

The National Law Enforcement Museum engaged members of the law enforcement community in a discussion on the impact of unfunded policy decisions by federal agencies on officers who are required to enforce them. Throughout history officers have put their lives on the line to protect citizens and keep our country safe; however, in some instances there have been policy decisions that led to more harm than good. This program will shed light on the historic moments in our nation that should encourage lawmakers and law enforcement officers to work together to ensure we are able to keep both our communities and the officers who serve them safe.



Diane Goldstein, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Action Partnership


  • Chief Rodney Bryant, Atlanta PD (Ret.), National First Vice President, NOBLE
  • Jon Adler, President, FLEOA Foundation
  • Peter J. Forcelli, Deputy Assistant Director, ATF (Ret.)
  • Michelle Minton, Senior Policy Analyst, Reason Foundation