Recently Fallen Hero

Sergeant Steven L. Licon

California Highway Patrol
End of Watch: April 6, 2019

Sergeant Steven L. Licon was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver while conducting a traffic stop. Sergeant Licon is the 14th law enforcement officer to be killed in a traffic-related incident this year and the second officer fatality from the state of California in 2019.


Commissioner Warren Stanley
California Highway Patrol
601 North 7th St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

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7 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero

  1. Prayers being offered for Sergeant Steven L. Licon, his family, and the members of the California Highway Patrol. May St. Michael escort you to Heaven, Sergeant Licon.

  2. Deepest Sympathy to the Family of Sgt. Licon, and his Family in Blue. Thank you for your Service, Sgt. Steven L. Licon. May God hold you in his arms.
    ~~from a Proud Mom of a Law Enforcement Officer

  3. Thank you for your service to the CHP. This was such a tragedy, we still have a hard time believing what happened to you that night in Lake Elsinore. We were on our way home from visiting family on the I-15 that night when traffic came to a standstill. We have never seen anything like it and wish we never had. We honor you and pray for your family for peace and comfort at this time and for the months and years to come. We see you in heaven. God bless!

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