Recently Fallen Hero

Police Officer Juan Jose Diaz

Los Angeles (CA) Police Department
End of Watch: July 27, 2019

Police Officer Juan Jose Diaz was shot and killed after intervening when he witnessed several men vandalizing a wall. Officer Diaz was off duty and eating with friends when he witnessed someone tagging a wall. He told the person to stop and a confrontation led to the shooting. Officer Diaz is the 30th law enforcement officer to be shot and killed this year and the fourth officer fatality from the state of California in 2019.


Chief Michael R. Moore
Los Angeles Police Department
100 West 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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8 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero

  1. Anytime a Brother or Sister in Blue dies doing their duty it hurts. However, when they are so young it goes deeper. The promise of so many people that Officer Diaz would of helped in his career is now gone. While we can never say how many lives Officer Diaz would of had an impact in life I am sure because of the man he was and always will be an example of what a good man is.
    Rest my Brother.

  2. Words cannot begin to express my Heartfelt Sympathy to the Family, Friends, and Brothers and Sisters in Blue of Officer Diaz. Rest in God’s arms, now, Officer Diaz. We will always remember you.
    Rest in Peace.

  3. Officr Juan Diaz R.I.P. GOD Welcomes You With Open Arms And Heart Full Of Love. He Will Watch Over You And Your Family Forever. Amen

  4. My most deepest condolences go out to the family members as well as all his fellow officers for officer Diaz,thank you for doing your community service of protecting and serving your fellow citizens. may your soul be guided by St Michael before God Almighty and may your soul be allowed to enter into the kingdom of heaven forevermore RIP .

  5. Prayers being offered for Officer Juan Jose Diaz, his family, and the members of the Los Angeles Police Department. May St. Michael escort you to Heaven, Officer Diaz.

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