Recently Fallen Hero

Deputy Sheriff Stephanie Schreurs

Lyon County (IA) Sheriff’s Office
End of Watch: August 13, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Stephanie Schreurs succumbed to injuries she sustained four days earlier during a single vehicle crash while driving her patrol vehicle. Deputy Schreurs was transported to the hospital where she passed away four days later. Deputy Schreurs is the 25th law enforcement officer to be killed in a traffic-related incident this year and the first officer fatality from the state of Iowa in 2019.


Lyon County Sheriff’s Office
410 Boone St.
Rock Rapids, IA 51246

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8 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero

  1. Extending Heartfelt Sympathy to the Family and Co-Workers of Deputy Sheriff Schreurs. Your Service and Devotion to keeping others safe will always be remembered and appreciated. Rest in Gods arms now, Deputy Schreurs. Peace to You.

  2. Prayers being offered for Deputy Sheriff Stephanie Schreurs, her family, and the members of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. May St. Michael escort you to Heaven, Deputy Schreurs.

  3. It seems as each day the Thin Blue Line gets thinner. Deputy Schreurs rest now my Sister in Blue. My heart goes out to Deputy Schreurs’ Family and Blue family.

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