Recently Fallen Hero

Deputy Sheriff Jarid Taylor

Bryan County (OK) Sheriff’s Office
End of Watch: January 14, 2020

Deputy Sheriff Jarid Taylor was killed in an automobile crash while responding to an emergency call. Deputy Taylor’s patrol vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree. Deputy Taylor is the 3rd law enforcement officer to be killed in a traffic-related incident this year and the first officer fatality from the state of Oklahoma in 2020.

News Source | Learn more from the news source that reported this officer fatality.

9 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero

  1. Heartfelt Sympathy to the Family, and Brothers and Sisters in Uniform of Deputy Sheriff Jarid Taylor. His Dedication, Service, and Sacrifice will always be remembered.
    Rest in God’s arms now, Deputy Sheriff Taylor. You are Home.

  2. My sympathy to the family and Blue family of Deputy Sheriff Jarid Taylor. Your service and Sacrifice will be remembered by many. Rest in peace!

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