Recently Fallen Hero

Officer David Kellywood

White Mountain Apache Tribal Police Department
End of Watch: February 17, 2020

Officer David Kellywood was shot and killed as he responded to a “shots fired” call near a casino on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. As Officer Kellywood responded to the scene, the suspect engaged him in a physical altercation and shot Officer Kellywood. Officer Kellywood is the 7th law enforcement officer to be shot and killed this year and the first officer fatality from a Tribal Agency in 2020.

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19 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero

  1. Officer Kellywood:
    You are synonymous with service, altruism, and heroism. You leave your family with many great memories. Prayers for your loved ones.
    Those little things you did that made friends and family laugh are with them forever. They will always have them and use them.

  2. Our deepest and sincere condolences to the Dept. and the Officers family. Thankyou for your sevice Officer Kellywood🌻🌻🌻 Look behind I am filled with gratitude looking forward! I am filled with vision, looking upwards I am filled with strength, looking within, I discover peace.. The soul goes into the air.. Amen… Mother of Fallen Officer Deputy Sheriff Peter John Herrera EOW 3-24-2019

  3. Dedicated to all fallen law enforcement and their families:

    Let The Healing Waters Flow

    Reminiscing on the past
    And the life left behind
    A tear builds with emotion
    Never a chance to rewind

    Move forward, just go on
    Press toward your set mark
    Words so easy to speak
    Though never a place to start

    Precious memories play on and on
    From the journey through each day
    For mending the empty heart
    That’s been shattered and tossed away

    Tears now begin streaming
    Rolling steadily down the face
    Little rivers cleanse the pain
    Washing the hurt away

    So let the healing waters flow
    Let them free the burdened soul
    Let them nourish and heal the body
    For newness to blossom and grow

    Open up the weary floodgates
    Let the healing waters flow
    These are no signs of weakness
    For you’ve carried a heavy load

    Growth comes now upon you
    Having endured the raging storm
    It’s time to fulfill your purpose
    Predestined before you was born

    Take a kneel, bow down to Him
    Praise His glorious Name
    It was Jesus Who coddled you softly
    When you couldn’t go another day

    It was He Who lay down His life
    He let His Healing Waters Flow
    Hanging upon the cross
    Felt pain you could never know

    Move forward, just go on
    This task can now be done
    Walk the righteous path
    Imputed by the Father’s Son.

    By: Rickey M. Childers II
    June 17, 2017

  4. Prayers being offered for Officer David Kellywood, his family, and the members of the White Mountain Apache Tribal Police Department. May St. Michael escort you to Heaven, Officer Kellywood.

  5. My prayer goes out to Officer Kellywood’s Family and Blue Family. Your loss is a loss for all of us. You are not alone in this.
    Thank you Sir for your Service.
    Rest my Brother.

  6. Heartfelt Sympathy to the Family, and Brothers and Sisters in Blue of Officer David Kellywood.
    This tragedy should have never happened. You, our Hero, wanted to keep others safe, so you answered the call. My heart aches at the loss of such an Honorable Man.
    Rest in God’s arms, Officer Kellywood. You are Home.

  7. Officer David Kelywood you will always be remembered as the BRAVEST officer. Your life was taken way too soon. So sad. Prays for your loved ones and friends who were lucky to know you. 🦅🌹South Carolina

  8. Rest in peace Office Kellywood. You will always be considered a hero. Condolences to the family and blue family. May you find comfort in the love of God. Love and Prayers from Wisconsin

  9. Of all the people I’ve buried none have boon a brother or sister officer!! Rest in PEACE!! My condolences to the Family

  10. God grant the Family of Officer Kellywood comfort and peace as they go through this time. I truly thank God for the sacrifice that Officer Kellywood gave of himself to serve others.

  11. Was very sorry to hear about Officer Kellywood, and his sacrifice.
    His loved ones have also made a BIG sacrifice, and may they experience
    much comfort & peace. With love, from Utah !!!

  12. Rest in Peace my Brother
    May we meet in the Heavens in a long while buddy, but for now enjoy your time with the angels.

    I pray for your family and love ones!!!

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