Recently Fallen Hero

Police Officer Waldis Johnson

Detroit (MI) Police Department
End of Watch: May 31, 2020

On April 30, 2017, Officer Waldis Johnson was shot and wounded as he responded to a domestic violence call. The suspect shot Officer Johnson in the head causing a traumatic brain injury and he succumbed to his gunshot wound on May 31, 2020. The suspect was shot and killed during the incident. Officer Johnson is the 23rd officer to be shot and the first officer fatality from the state of Michigan in 2020.

News Source | Learn more from the news source that reported this officer fatality.

16 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero

  1. I am sorry to that Officer Johnson passed away…
    He fought the good fight !! May his family, friends & department colleagues
    be greatly comforted at this time… With love, from Utah !!!

    1. Heartfelt Sympathy to the Family, Friends, and Brothers and Sisters in Blue at the tragic loss of Police Officer Waldis Johnson. His Service, and Ultimate Sacrifice, will always be remembered, and he shall always be our Hero.
      Rest in God’s arms now, Officer Johnson. You are Home.

  2. Our condolences and prayers for The Dept and Officer Johnson family. May the good Lord give you peace during these difficult days to follow. Amen!!! R.I.P. Officer Williams, may perpetual light always shine upon you 🌟 We Stand and Salute You Sir💙 Mother of Fallen Deputy Sheriff Peter John Herrera EOW 3-24-2019 El Paso TX 💙 🦋

  3. I am saddened and grieved. I have the utmost respect for the police officers who put their lives on the line for us every single day and their families that grieve and suffer after they are gone. I pray Officer Johnson is in heaven now where there is no sorrow pain and death. God bless Officer Johnson’s family.

  4. You left us as a Hero Police Officer Waldis Johnson. Although no-one should have to die that way. So very sorry. Thank you for your Brave service to your community. Prayers for your loved ones and to all who had the gift of knowing you. Please watch over your Brothers and Sisters in Blue from above.
    Florida Cares

  5. Thank God he is at peace. A brave man who didn’t deserve that. So sorry!! Rest in God’s arms Hero!!

  6. Another sad event involving our men and women in blue and not even a note about in on the news. Rest in Peace Officer Johnson. Thank You for your service.

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