Recently Fallen Hero

Senior Airman Jason Khai Phan

U.S. Air Force Security Forces Directorate
End of Watch: September 12, 2020

Senior Airman Jason Khai Phan was killed in a non-combat, single-vehicle crash while conducting a routine patrol outside the perimeter of the Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait. Senior Airman Phan is the 36th law enforcement officer to be killed in a traffic-related incident this year and the first Military Officer fatality in 2020.

News Source | Learn more from the news source that reported this officer fatality.

14 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero

  1. Rest In Peace Senior Airman.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and coworkers. May God’s healing light shine upon all of you.

  2. May the family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Jason Khai Phan
    experience much comfort and peace during this hard time. We thank
    you for all of your sacrifices, with your loved one working in the
    military… With love, from Utah !

  3. God Rest the Soul of this outstanding USAF Security Police Officer-Force Protection. Prayers for his family and those who wear the Blue Beret and all our First Responders. Guard the streets of Heaven until we get there. It is an honor for me to serve in your ranks as an USAF SP K9.

  4. Our sincere condolences to USAF and Family of Senior Airman Khai Phan. May the good Lord console you and keep this family united. R.I.P. Senior Airman Khai Phan, may perpetual light always shine upon you 🌟 I Stand and Salute You Sir🗽Mother of Fallen Deputy Sheriff Peter John Herrera EOW 3-24-2019 in El Paso Tx 💙

  5. Rest easy, you’ve done your duty and God will welcome you Heaven, you’ve done your time in hell. God bless Jason and those you left behind.

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