Recently Fallen Hero Deputy Sheriff Troy Chisum

Deputy Sheriff Troy Chisum

Fulton County (IL) Sheriff’s Office
End of Watch: June 25, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Troy Chisum was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance call. During the incident multiple shots were fired, fatally wounding Deputy Chisum. Deputy Chisum is the 27th law enforcement officer to be shot and killed this year and the fifth officer fatality from the state of Illinois in 2019.


Sheriff Jeff Standard
Fulton County Sheriff’s Office
268 W. Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 269
Lewistown, IL 61542

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6 Replies to “Recently Fallen Hero Deputy Sheriff Troy Chisum”

  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends Deputy Chisum. As a fellow LEO My phone is always on and my door is always open for anyone who has been impacted by your selfless sacrifice whether it be Family, friends, partners or otherwise. 240-608-0048. May God bless you and those around you for all Eternity.

  2. The well worn foot path of the honor guard is visible on the sunniest of days and stormiest of days at Arlington Cemetery. The same can be said of the spirit of the warrior/guardian officer protecting the prey from the predator. There is no rest from the wickedness of this world. Rest in peace my brother and enjoy the loving arms of our lord.

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