RECENTLY FALLEN: Davie (FL) Officer Rogerio Morales

Three days after he collapsed during a physical agility test for his agency’s SWAT team tryouts, Davie (FL) Police Officer Rogerio Morales succumbed to his injuries on Thursday January 13, 2011.
According to officials, autopsy results indicating an exact cause of death have not yet been released, but the 27-year-old officer, described as “very physically fit,” is thought to have had a fatal heart attack.
After his sudden collapse, a paramedic administered first aid at the scene, and Officer Morales was taken to a hospital for treatment. He remained in a coma for three days until his death.
Officer Rogerio Morales is survived by his wife, whose moving words at her husband’s service touched hundreds of mourners in attendance. “I still remember our routine each night. I kissed you good night and tapped you on the stomach to make sure you were wearing your vest,” she said. “Now I stand in our bedroom alone and hear nothing but silence. I pray to God and hope to understand one day why you are gone.”
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