RECENTLY FALLEN: Sumter (SC) Corporal Charles Richard Nesbitt, Jr.

On Friday January 21, 2011, Sumter (SC) Corporal Charles Nesbitt and Master Patrolman James Cox were returning to Sumter from a prisoner transport to the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. At approximately 3:00 pm, their patrol car collided head-on with an SUV on Highway 521.
Critically injured, the officers were transported to a nearby hospital where Master Patrolman Cox was treated for his injuries. Sadly, 39-year-old Corporal Nesbitt succumbed to his wounds, and was pronounced dead approximately an hour after the collision. The driver of the SUV involved in the accident was injured and transported to a hospital for treatment; his medical status is still unknown.
To date in 2011, there are 15 law enforcement officer fatalities, three of which resulted from traffic incidents, including Corporal Nesbitt. 
Corporal Charles Nesbitt, Jr. had served with the Sumter (SC) Police Department for 10 years, and is the first officer to die on duty in Sumter police force history. “He was very close with his wife and parents,” said Sumter (SC) Deputy Chief Russell Roark. “He was very dedicated to the community and someone you could count on,” he said.
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