Remembering Officer Jeremy Henwood, San Diego (CA) Police Department

About three weeks ago, San Diego (CA) Police Officer Jeremy Henwood entered a local McDonald’s to buy some lunch. When a kid approached him and asked for 10 cents to buy some cookies, Officer Henwood offered to treat him instead. He asked the young boy what he wanted to do when he got older… “Be an NBA star,” the kid said. Officer Henwood bought him the cookies and gave him a bit of advice, too—he told him to work hard and follow his dreams.

Little did they know, this would be the last conversation Officer Henwood would ever have.

Moments later, Officer Henwood left McDonald’s and got back in his patrol car. Sitting idle at an intersection, an assailant pulled out a shotgun, and shot Officer Henwood in the head. A four-year department veteran, Officer Henwood had just completed a tour of duty and had recently returned home from Afghanistan. The marine combat veteran had, in fact, served several tours of duty overseas—including two tours in Iraq as a U.S. Marine—but sadly, it turned out to be far more deadly for him here at home. His father, Rob Henwood, said he hopes his son’s death will remind people about the recognition and honor police officers deserve.

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