37 Years of Fighting Crime in America

James D'Amelio

James D’Amelio
Special Agent in Charge (SAIC), U.S. Secret Service

Below is a biography of a man (my father) who dedicated 37 years of his life both in the Federal Government (26 with the U.S. Secret Service) and an additional eleven as a Vice President of Security and Fraud Control for MasterCard International.

Special Agent James R. D’Amelio conducted hundreds of undercover operations worldwide, as well as many protective missions including President John F. Kennedy through Ronald Reagan.

He served in multiple positions to include: Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) – Office of Investigations; DAD – Office of Administration, SAIC – Philadelphia Field Office, SAIC – Pittsburgh Field Office, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) – Boston Field Office; Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge (ATSAIC) – New York Field Office; Special Agent – New York Field Office.


James D’Amelio was born on January 31, 1933, in Malden, Massachusetts. D’Amelio served in the U.S. Army from 1953 to 1955 and was honorably discharged.

After his military tenure, D’Amelio became a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in 1959 and served for over 26 years until his retirement in September 1985.

In 1973, D’Amelio received the U.S. Secret Service Valor Award, a medal given to distinguished individuals recognized for great courage in the face of danger. Over an eight year period, SA D’Amelio investigated and exposed counterfeit corruption working as an undercover agent in many dangerous investigations amongst some of the Nation’s most violent criminals.

Later Years

After many years conducting and overseeing investigative and protective missions for the U.S. Secret Service, D’Amelio retired and served with MasterCard International in New York City as a Vice President for Security and Fraud Control for over 11 years. In this position, D’Amelio assisted in implementing multiple security features to thwart credit card fraud, many of the best practices are still being used by the credit card industry today, such as the credit card security hologram, credit card verification code (located on the back of all credit cards, e.g., CCV, CVC), and other critical security enhancements.

In total, Jim D’Amelio helped fight global crime for over 37 years to protect all Americans.

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