John Plevell

John Plevell
Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

Hi, my name is John Plevell, I started in law enforcement on October 15, 1978. During this time frame, I worked for two small police departments. In April of 1979 I was involved in a pursuit in which I was injured, four others were hurt, and one died. After being hired by Citrus County I spent two years on the road, at that point I had the option of SWAT or CID, to me CID seemed more appealing. In 1986 I became a Daddy (Kristen). I got remarried to a lady (Diana) who worked CSI.

After working CID and receiving 100% Clearance Rate Blue Ribbon Award, some of my career assignments were robbery, theft, fraud, career criminal, pawn shops, special investigation, gangs and homicide. Some highlights of my career: seizing 780 lbs marijuana, seizing a Cessna airplane and a Mercedes Benz, arrest ref counterfeit Rolex watches, shutting down internet casino cafes. I was involved in working Florida’s first female serial killer who was arrested convicted and put to death in in Florida death row.

I had the occasion to be on the ID Channel on cable to show two cases that we investigated. One was a death penalty case on Swamp Murders called Wrong Turn. The second case was also on Swamp Murders, called Preacher. I also initiated Crime Stoppers in our county during my career. I assisted on working approximately 30 cases of death investigations including four death penalty cases.

I attended the FBI National Academy class of 166, retired in October 2010.

My wife Diana and I
My wife Diana and I

I also donated my millennium badge and a set of cold case playing cards to the Museum. I’m enjoying homes in Daytona Beach, Tennessee mountains, lake house in Floral City and Dunnellon. Diana and I have been married for 22 years – several kids and great grand kids.

God Bless

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