A Deserving Hero: Sgt. Wayne Mann

Stand With Honor

Arthur Tulk
Reserve Officer, El Cerrito (CA) Police Department

A Deserving Hero: Sgt. Wayne Mann

My FTO and friend who taught me how to survive on the streets

His greatest impact, though, was the lesson on how to show kindness and respect for those you serve. He was a “Big Lebowski” movie fan and the “Dude” amongst us.

We were on a walking beat at night when a car suddenly jumped the curb and came within inches of killing us both. From that point on we were bound by this almost fatal event and our special friendship endures to this day. I am proud of his sacrifice and service to the community and he has skipped a higher rank to remain a sergeant and stay on the street (where he feels he can do the most good). He is a true “Blue” and his devotion to Law Enforcement should be recognized.

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