A Dream Come True

Carl Jeanty

Carl Jeanty
Special Agent in Charge (Ret.), U. S. Army Criminal Investigation Division

Hello, my name is Carl H. Jeanty. As a youngster growing up in Haiti, I have often dreamed of becoming a U.S. law enforcement officer and a U.S. military officer. At the age of 16, I immigrated to the United States with my family and settled in New York where I attended high school. While in high school, I signed up in the U.S. Army’s Delayed Entry Program and I entered active military service the day following my high school graduation in June 1976. While serving my country, I became a U.S. citizen, and later earned a Master of Public Administration in June 1991 from Troy State University, Troy, AL. I have also earned a Graduate Certificate in Community College Education in May 2003 as well as completing all my doctoral courses (all but dissertation) in Community College Education and Public Administration at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

SA Jeanty on investigative assignment at the Fort Meade CID Office, along with the Fort Meade CID leadership, fellow CID agents and support personnel. (SA Jeanty far right, 2nd row, circa 1988)
SA Jeanty on investigative assignment at the Fort Meade CID Office, along with the Fort Meade CID leadership, fellow CID agents and support personnel. (SA Jeanty far right, 2nd row, circa 1988)

In 1985, I applied for and was accepted in the Special Agent career track of the U.S. Army CID. Following graduation, I was assigned as a field agent at the Fort Meade CID Field Office, where I investigated and solved a wide range of felony investigations including sexual assaults, murders, larcenies and aggravated assaults, which greatly contributed to my appointment as a CID Warrant Officer Special Agent in 1989.

My law enforcement career spanned around the world to such places as Germany, Saudi Arabia (Operation Desert Storm), Italy, Norway, Belgium, Haiti (Operation Uphold Democracy), Bahrain, among other places. I have also served on various protective service support missions both overseas and in the U.S. protecting various U.S. dignitaries including then-Defense Secretary Richard Cheney and former Desert Storm Commander, the late General Norman Schwarzkopf. I have served as the Special Agent in Charge at various CID offices worldwide and culminated my law enforcement career as a Group Staff Operations Officer at the Major Procurement Fraud Unit, Fort Belvoir, VA, after 20 years of loyal and faithful active federal service to my country.

During my law enforcement career, I have personally conducted, directed and supervised numerous felony-level criminal investigations involving rapes, arsons, homicides, larcenies and other heinous crimes and apprehended various violent criminals who were later convicted and sent to prisons following their trials.

One of my memorable cases occurred in Germany while posing as a Haitian international arms dealer with “diplomatic immunity” extending to the subject. With my French and Haitian-Creole accent, I asked the subject of the case to produce a U.S. Govt. owned rifle as a gesture of good faith which he did. During a “staged arrest” by assisting CID agents, I told the agents that I had “diplomatic immunity” and the suspect looked at the agents and said “me too.” It was increasingly hard to keep a straight face. We all had a laugh once the subject was apprehended. He was later convicted and sentenced to three years in federal prison.

Another memorable moment occurred in Germany while assigned as the General Crimes Team Chief in the early 90s, when my team, under my direction and supervision solved a high profile and sensitive larceny of a military Claymore mine involving various German subjects thereby ending a 30-day fear in the local community.  As a result, my team and I received Certificates of Appreciation from former V Corps Commander Lieutenant General George Joulwan.

As an adjunct faculty member I taught criminal justice and management courses at Park University, VA and Central Texas College, Germany to educate my fellow law enforcement officers, service members and their families. I have authored a handbook titled An Introductory and Practical Guide to Interviews and Interrogations as well as several other law enforcement-related handbooks.

It has truly been my highest honor and privilege to have served my country. I have earned many awards, promotions and decorations. I have come into contact with some of the best and brightest criminal investigators from the Army CID, the FBI, ATF and the German Kriminalpolizei (Kripo) among others.

I thank God, my family, my country, the U. S. Army and the U. S. Army CID for my achievements.

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