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A Minnesota Law Enforcement Officer’s Story

Andrew Revering

Andrew Revering
Chief of Police (Retired), Anoka (MN) Police Department

I began my law enforcement service with the Anoka Minnesota Police in September of 1961 after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force where I had served as an Air Police Sentry Dog Handler. In 1967 I became the first police dog handler in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Eventually I assisted Minneapolis, St. Paul and law enforcement agencies in a five-state area surrounding Minnesota in obtaining and training police dogs. As a result of my dog’s success, the City of Anoka named a park after him when he died and put up a bronze life-size statue.

I earned my AA and BA while working fulltime and attended the FBI National Academy 101st Session in 1975. I was promoted up through the ranks from Patrolman, to Detective, to Sergeant, to Captain, to Deputy Chief, and appointed Chief of Police in 1984. While serving as Chief, I took over security through the police department at the Minnesota State Mental Hospital located in the City of Anoka under a yearly contract, and eliminated a problem the Hospital was experiencing with private security running drugs and assaulting patients.

Our agency became the first law enforcement agency of its size to implement Law Enforcement Accreditation through the Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation and became the first law enforcement agency in North American to implement Police Accountability for Juvenile Offenders, which was taken from the New South Wales, Australia Police Department, and reduced the revolving doors of Juvenile Court.

After retiring in 1998, I served a year in Kosovo in 2000 as a police instructor in the Kosovo Police School in an effort to train a new 4000-member National Police Force. This occurred after the American Air Force bombed the Serbian Army out of Kosovo after they had been mass murdering Kosovo Albanians. I retired after this to Arizona where I saddle up my horse every other day and ride out into a National Park up against the mountains. I still stay in touch with law enforcement, as my daughter is the Chief of Police in Crystal, Minnesota.

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