A Professional Calling

Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks
Deputy Sheriff, Greene County (MO) Sheriff’s Department

At the encouragement of a Great Uncle who was a court bailiff and a Deputy Sheriff in Greene County, Missouri during the 1950s and 1960s, I wanted to become a Deputy Sheriff and follow in his footsteps because he told me “Being a Deputy Sheriff was an honorable thing and a great way to help people in need.” In February 1985, I became a volunteer dispatcher working for the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and my lifelong dream was finally realized on September 16, 1985 when I became a full time dispatcher working for the citizens of Greene County, Missouri. Not long afterwards I went through the Law Enforcement Academy at Drury University in Springfield and became a certified peace officer and commissioned Deputy Sheriff.

Working behind the radio console at the Greene County Sheriff's Department alongside fellow Deputy Sheriff Morris D. "Sonny" Jarvis. circa 1987
Working behind the radio console at the Greene County Sheriff’s Department alongside fellow Deputy Sheriff Morris D. “Sonny” Jarvis. circa 1987

During my 16-year career with Greene County I held several positions including Dispatcher, Civil Division Deputy, Director of Emergency Communications for Greene County, and Chief Deputy of the agency. I was involved in several high priority projects during my tenure as Director of Emergency Communications and Chief Deputy including bringing enhanced 9-1-1 to all citizens of the county, I served on the design team of a computer aided emergency dispatch system for dispatching all calls for the Sheriff, 6 rural city police departments along with 12 rural fire departments and the City of Springfield Police and Fire operations. I was the County representative on the design and implementation team to build an 800 mhz trunked radio system for all emergency services and utilities to work on in Greene County including the City of Springfield, and I was on the team who oversaw the design and building of the current 500-bed direct supervision jail facility located in Springfield, Missouri.

I developed many friendships and had many mentors during my career but one person influenced me and believed in me more than any other and for that I am grateful and I am forever indebted to him, Sheriff John T. Pierpont. I can say that I am blessed and honored to have been allowed to serve the Citizens of Greene County, Missouri which truly fulfilled a life long dream for me.

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