Carrying on My Hero’s Legacy

AJ Coursen

Dyke (AJ) Coursen
Deputy, Beaufort County (SC) Sheriff’s Office

Our time to share our lives together was cut too short, but my love and memories of my husband will last a lifetime.

When we met, I was in awe of this amazing man. He served a dual role of a Fire Chief and Police Captain. AJ loved serving his community. His compassion, love for life, humor, bad singing and good looks won me over. I have never love so deep as I love AJ.

On that dreadful day of January eighth, my world came crashing down. The love of my life was answering a call of a domestic with possible hostage in progress, little did my brave hero know he was going to be ambushed. AJ took many shots to his body and head, I was never to see him again.

D. J. Coursen I have made it my mission to carry on his legacy. I am always trying to find things I know he would be a part of. One of those things is being a member of the Police Unity Tour. When AJ was the Captain of the LaGrange PD, he started the bicycle patrol. Every year with his patch on my sleeve making that 300 mile journey to the Police Memorial in AJ’s honor, I can feel him with me.

Now his name and story is part of The National Law Enforcement Museum.

Fly high my love, my hero. You are missed but never will be forgotten.

D. J. Coursen

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