Happy to be a Part of the Brotherhood

Tony Archibald

Tony Archibald
Sergeant, Tucson (AZ) Police Department

I didn’t really think about becoming a police officer until I was done with high school. I actually wanted to be a teacher. At some point while attending college I heard the call. I quickly changed my focus and realized that helping people and roaming around looking for bad guys in the middle of the night is what I wanted to do.

Tucson (AZ) Police Dept.I became a police officer in 2005 at the age of 23. While the academy had its share of challenges, I still remember my time there very fondly. At the conclusion of training I began working in the downtown area of the city. I enjoyed the things that all rookies enjoy: exciting calls, driving fast, pointing guns at bad dudes and taking them to jail. But, of all the things that stick out over the course of my first few years, the camaraderie amongst the folks I had the honor to stand next to is the best part of the job. It is truly amazing when you actually think about the people that you serve with and the things they do every single day.

I have been fortunate enough to have some really good assignments in my career. The position I am most proud of is when I was assigned to the police academy as the lead tactical driving instructor. I was happy to be able to have a hand in training a new generation of officers and hopefully they remember some of the things that were taught to keep them safe while driving.

I have been a field supervisor since 2015 and try to be the kind of sarge that the troops need. Firm but fair, with an effort to filter out the unnecessary stuff that can bog down productivity and morale. Protecting my people is my number one goal each shift.

I am honored to be a part of the NLEOM. I think of it as a way to say thanks to all those who have come before me and pay tribute to our brothers and sisters that have laid down their lives for us.

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