I had a great career working with great people

David Mihalik

David Mihalik
Deputy Chief
Irvine (CA) Police Department

Hi, I am David Mihalik. I started in Law Enforcement as a non-sworn Police Aide and later a Community Service Officer for the Fountain Valley and Cypress Police Departments in California. I then was hired by Fountain Valley Police Department as a Police Recruit and attended the Golden West Police Academy in Huntington Beach, CA. Upon my successful completion, I was a sworn police officer for the Fountain Valley Police Department in Orange County, California. I was an officer at this department for just under five years. During my time there I worked patrol, CSI, a burglary suppression team, SWAT and my last assignment as a K-9 Officer with my Canine Arras, a German Shepard. After this time, I lateraled to the Irvine Police Department as I wanted a larger growing department, still in Orange County, California. While at Irvine PD, I worked patrol, narcotics, a directed enforcement team, accident investigation, DUI enforcement, motorcycle traffic enforcement and accident investigation.

I was promoted to Senior Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Commander and Deputy Chief from which I retired. While in these ranks I worked motor and traffic assignments (as a Senior Officer, Sgt. and Lt.), our Irvine Spectrum Entertainment Center which was a bar and outdoor mall area with a substation (Sgt.) and patrol. During my time as the Deputy Chief I had the honor and pleasure of commanding many outstanding people in Patrol, Investigations, CSI and basically every sworn and non-sworn person with the exception of Internal Affairs and Training.

I have had a blessed career and I have no regrets; I think Law Enforcement is one of the most noble, exciting, gratifying and fun careers someone can have in life. I was lucky to have worked many assignments with many great people in a great supportive community.

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Placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown in Washington DC during Police Week

Some of my best memories are associated with the community such as starting the Christmas Shop with A Cop event with our local Battered Woman’s Shelter, partnering with a great non-profit, Team Kids, which brings cops and fire personnel into the elementary schools for a 6-week program, working the 9/11 Hands Across America and police events as the many Jimmy Buffet and Grateful Dead concerts, the El Toro Marine Corps annual Air Show, as well as many other events in Irvine. I also had the great honor to serve on the Board of Directors for the California Peace Officer Memorial Foundation where I participated in the Police Memorial Week for California, Orange County and in Washington, DC. This was one of my most satisfying positions as I could give back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I had the honor and privilege to work with many great community members and law enforcement people. I would say some of my toughest times were attending police funerals and losing friends. Some others were delivering death notifications to families and assisting injured individuals whether from a traffic collision or assault. Thankfully, the good times outweigh the tough times.

All in all, I had a great and satisfying career and I am proud to have served the community.

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