What Can I do for You?

Justin Scherlen
Police Officer, Amarillo (TX) Police Department

I am the proud mother of Officer Justin Scherlen. Even as a child Justin was a unique individual. He was always willing to help others. A fond memory I have is he volunteered to take notes for a fellow class mate (middle school) who suffered deafness. Justin was in ROTC all four years of high school, serving on drill team all four years and as Drill Team Commander the last two years. He also played violin in Orchestra seven years in school and was in Debate. He was a very well-rounded individual. Some of his first jobs were doing security for a couple of different hospitals. As an adult, he volunteered for the Ronald McDonald House at one of the hospitals. For several years he used his vacation time to volunteer as a counselor at Diabetic Camp for kids in the Texas Panhandle.

When Justin was accepted to the Police Academy, he (and we) were so proud and happy for him. He worked several different shifts as most officers do. One position he held was CIT (Crisis Intervention Team). He and his partner helped many hurting people during their time together. He served on Honor Guard for several years.

Officer Justin Scherlen, in his dive gear. 2014

He was also honored to be on the Dive Team-such a hard job but he was willing to serve. The most common thread people would say about Justin was he would ALWAYS ask “what can I do for you?” The thing was, he truly meant it.

Sadly, he was very severely injured while on duty going to back up a fellow officer Sept 8, 2015. Another vehicle crossed the yellow line and Justin and his cruiser were crushed in the accident. He suffered 31 broken and crushed bones and endured nine major surgeries. Even while suffering in the hospital he would ask his visitors if there was anything he could do for them. Service was always on his mind. He managed to live almost 11 months after the accident before going to meet his Lord on August 4, 2016.

Justin is survived by his wife, and four children, his mother and dad, his brother (also a police officer) his sister-in-law, two grandmothers and several aunts, cousins and many friends and brothers and sisters in blue.

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