The Forensic Detectives Camp


Tag members discuss fun activities.

The Teacher Advisory Group met in February to start work on our new summer camp. The Forensic Detectives is a weeklong camp for middle school students debuting this summer. The camp will introduce students to the messy and meticulous world of forensic science and will provide participants with a greater understanding of our criminal justice system and STEM related careers in law enforcement.
TAG brainstormed topics that would interest middle school students like fingerprinting, DNA, interrogating witnesses, impressions, and pathology. Over the afternoon, TAG played around with fieldtrips, science experiments, and law enforcement activities to create a fun-filled camp allowing students to explore how law enforcement connects to science and technology. TAG members were delighted by the summer camp’s potential to inspire children to pursue a career in law enforcement or STEM-related fields.
The Forensic Detectives is a summer camp that will be offered free of charge to 24 middle school students that attend a Title 1 school in the District of Columbia. Participants will be selected through an essay contest.
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The Forensic Detectives is made possible by Battelle.