The Takeaway: Firearm Fatalities

Protecting Ourselves Against Firearm Fatalities

Protecting Ourselves Against Firearm Fatalities—Funding, Media, and Policy

Protecting Ourselves Against Firearm Fatalities—Funding, Media, and Policy  was the second of three programs in the Destination Zero Fatality Report and Program Series, a series of programs to supplement the release of the 2020 Law Enforcement Officers Fatalities Report.

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During the program we heard from Superintendent David Brown, Chicago Police Department, and Dr. Alex Eastman, Senior Medical Officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as they shared strategies and guidance on how funding, the media, and procedures and policy reduces firearms-related fatalities.

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Determined Action Items:

  • De-escalation not only helps resolve more situations peacefully, but it also slows things down so officers have more time to make better decisions and wait for back up.
  • Time and distance also help leadership make better decisions.
  • Reflection leads to improved tactics and training.
  • Include city officials and the legal team in after-actions to create a more accurate critique that will lead to the prevention of repetitive circumstances.

Destination Zero Top 5 Tips:

  1. Wear your vest.
  2. Wait for cover before responding to calls for service.
  3. Remain situationally aware at all times.
  4. Use de-escalation to slow down potential use of force engagement.
  5. Continually train on defensive tactics and life-saving skills.

Final Thoughts:

Officers need to be well enough to execute through the challenges we face today and transform policing yet again.

“You never want to put yourself in a quick draw scenario where the fastest draw wins.”
-Superintendent David O. Brown

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