Trooper Brian Beuning Receives Officer of the Month Award at Special Press Conference

Brian Beuning Receives Officer of the Month Award for September

Trooper Brian Beuning, with the Minnesota State Patrol, received the National
Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s Officer of the Month Award on
September 22, 2014 during a special press conference at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety in St. Paul, MN. Trooper Beuning was presented with his Officer of the Month
Award certificate and was recognized for his excellence in service. The award
was presented by Ralph Boelter, Vice President of Corporate Security at Target
and Memorial Fund Board of Directors Representative.

Trooper Beuning receiving his Officer of the Month Certificate.

Trooper Beuning speaking at the press conference.
On the evening of June 16, 2014, Trooper Beuning rescued a
woman who had been trapped in a car that was stranded in floodwaters near
Beaver Creek, MN. Trooper Beuning pulled the woman out of the car just seconds
before it was swept away. Trooper Beuning then held on to the woman for 45
minutes until they could be rescued.

Following the certificate presentation, Trooper Beuning responded
to questions from the press regarding the event. He discussed his thought
process during the rescue, shared details about the rescue, and revealed how
the rescue has changed his rescue methods moving forward. He now carries a life
jacket and rope in his squad car, just in case he might need to perform another
water rescue.
Trooper Beuning and his son, Max.
Despite the honor and praise, Trooper Beuning maintains that
he is not a hero. “It’s part of the job,” he said. “Anybody would do it if they
came into that situation.” He insists that “we got lucky,” and that while they
were waiting for help, “I kept feeling cornstalks hitting the back of my legs,
and I kept thinking, when is that tree coming or when is the debris coming.
That would have knocked our feet out from underneath us.”
“He’s [Trooper Beuning] the best of the best of the
Minnesota State Patrol. He didn’t shy from his duty,” said Lt. Colonel Langer.
“He acted with courage and without fear, with probably a little anxiety, as he
did his deed that day. He was ultimately able to save that woman from being
swept away in her vehicle.”
Trooper Beuning’s wife, Ginger, their two-year old son, Max,
and Trooper Beuning’s parents were present to witness the event. Captain Mike
Wedin of the Marshall District of Minnesota State Patrol and Lt. Colonel Matt
Langer, Acting Chief of the MN State Patrol were also present to honor Trooper
The press conference can be
seen in full here
. Thank you to Mr. Boelter and the Minnesota State Patrol
for hosting this wonderful event.