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She did her duty until the very end.

Kaitie serving our St. Croix County in Wisconsin was told to check on a drunk driver who went into a ditch. He refused a sobriety test, took out a gun & shot her and as he ran away she fired more shots at him & then died. She gave her life doing her duty until


The impact you made during your short time on earth will never be forgotten. You were an amazing Son, Fiancé, Brother, Mentor, Trooper and Friend. Our lives have been enriched by knowing you and the example you set. I’m proud of you Wesley and I miss you dearly.

Prayers for you all.

Thank you! Two simple words with extraordinary meaning. God bless you all and keep you and your family safe! ????????????????????


You will always be held in our hearts and you sacrifice will never be forgotten

In memory of

We know you are guarding the gates of heaven, Mike. See you again soon.

Thank you

We’re proud you became our son.


Many Thanks to the Men and Women of Law Enforcement Past, Present and Future. They go out each day and form the thin blue line to serve and protest the members of their community, county or state. Thanks for Your Service. Blessings


In his name. Thank you.

In loving memory

My dear son, your murder changed us on 4.12.18. So many tributes, memories and stories of the wide breadth of people who lives you helped turn around. We all miss you everyday but we know that you walk alongside us, especially in the dark times of deepest sorrow. No one should ever bury their child;