Farewell to Magnificence

Dear John: It been nearly 19 years since the car accident that took your life. I will always treasury the times we spent together as neighbors and comparing our Police and Fire stories for we both were Public Safety AKA: Guns&Hoses Officers with different departments. A few years later after your death, I ran into the infamous Ted Nugent
at DTW and we talked at great length about what a kind-hearted time donating person you were for kids. In case you didn’t know John Ted sent some really nice flowers to your funeral and misses you too. John. I truly miss our time Up North in Gaylord, Michigan. Whether it was bonfire time in my driveway with or me riding shotgun in your Ostego County Sheriff Department police car patrolling and catching up on good times, I will always miss you and our fellowship. John, I know you know this but your Kids are wonderful grown adults and are working to make this world a better place.You’d be so proud. Til we meet again my Friend..CHEERS!