In loving memory

My dear son, your murder changed us on 4.12.18. So many tributes, memories and stories of the wide breadth of people who lives you helped turn around. We all miss you everyday but we know that you walk alongside us, especially in the dark times of deepest sorrow. No one should ever bury their child; your father and I are changed people since your death. Your widow, your siblings and their spouses, colleagues and friends feel your absence daily.
In your short life, other lives were saved because of your kindness and compassion, integrity and common sense. You could have done anything but Law Enforcement called you since childhood. K-9 was your calling and rising in the ranks didn’t interest you, even with your advanced degrees. You belonged to the people. And the community will never forget you.
Know with these words that there will always be a hole in my heart that will never completely heal. But I know where you are and trust that we will be together again one day.
All my love, Mum