John was a man of great integrity who loved supporting the community, his colleagues, friends and family. Within his work ethic he treated everyone equally, i.e. the way he would want to be treated. His success was based on his ability to talk to people without any sense of condensation. He was deeply committed to his position 24/7. He was always the first one to offer help to anyone who needed it. He had a winning smile that matched his gregarious personality. He could be larger than life or just like the average person. He had the keen ability to make people open up to him and tell the truth, once they got past his imposing stature. His life was centered on his family and serving the community. He was fiercely protective of his family. A grand storyteller with a great sense of humor, he had the ability to make everyone laugh with the twists and turns of his stories. His love of life revolved around his family and his professional commitment, no one could fill his shoes.