Dear Mike, When you died 8/27/21, your brother Dan and I also died inside. We miss you so much. You wear an amazing man, son, brother, nephew and cousin. Anything that you set your mind to, you accomplished. You were a Fireman, EMT, Chiropractor and a Police Officer. You adjusted people for free if they didn’t have the funds to pay for their treatment. You went up to New York at 911 to help anyone who needed an adjustment and never asked for anything in return. You were upset that the other Chiropractor who went to New York with you called the newspaper when you two returned to Cherry Hill and had an article published. You called me to tell me why you were upset. You said “Why couldn’t he have just gone to help out of the goodness of his heart without having to get his name in the paper. Michael, you gave from your heart always. I love you so much and everyday is difficult for me and your brother. Your cousins miss you, your Aunts miss you. Happy Birthday 5/16/2023 in heaven.