United For Blue Marches for Second Year

The grey skies cleared just in time on Saturday, April 2,
for the United For Blue march in Washington, DC. The march started at the
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Judiciary Square, as more than a
hundred people gathered with signs that read “Blue Lives Matter.”
Retired police officer Marcello Muzzatti reminded the crowd
about why they had gathered, to remember the sacrifice of law enforcement officers
throughout the country. Kelly Wince and Bobbie Padgett, wives of officers,
thanked those who appreciated the work that’s done to protect citizens daily.
Memorial Fund President and CEO Craig W. Floyd expressed
concern about how officers are portrayed by the public. With sixteen officers
shot and killed in the line of duty in 2016 so far, Floyd described a
lawlessness in the country.
Being led by a bagpipe band, the marchers started to walk
toward the National Mall, on their way to the U.S. Capitol. Additional speakers
at the Mall included Matthew Mahl, president of the DC Police Union, and former
NFL players Sydney Rice and Clinton Portis.