VALOR Program Releases Mid-Year 2013 Officer Training Recommendations

Based on the fatalities information in the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s 2013 Mid-Year Law Enforcement Fatalities Report, the VALOR program formulated the following training recommendations for officers. These recommendations are intended to help prevent violence against law enforcement officers and ensure officer resilience and survivability during violent encounters.

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Finding 1.
Handguns remain the primary weapon used to kill law enforcement officers in the United States.

Recommendation 1.
Close quarter handgun retention training and short distance handgun firing practice are vital to officer survival on the streets. Officers should not merely fulfill their mandatory training obligations but also take time to practice these potentially life-saving skills on a regular basis.

Finding 2.
Job-related illness such as heart attacks quintupled in the first half of 2013 compared to the previous year.

Recommendation 2.
Departments with wellness programs should encourage officers to actively participate and, for those agencies without formal programs, local leadership should promote a healthy style of living, including a nutritious diet and regular exercise routine.

Finding 3.
Fridays are the deadliest day of the week for officers so far in 2013.

Recommendation 3.
Although most citizens look forward to Fridays and the start of their weekend, they can prove to be just as deadly as any other day for law enforcement officers. Supervisors should urge officers to be extra vigilant as they begin their weekend of policing.