December Artifact Detective: Cartoon Cop

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Hand-painted cartoon cell of a Flintstones police officer from the NLEM collection

Flintstones police officer, original artwork, hand painted cell, c 1960. 2007.118.1. Gift of Dick Wenig. Collection of the NLEM, Washington, DC.

What we know:
This is a hand-painted cell of a Flintstones cartoon police officer character.
William Hanna & Joe Barbera produced the cartoon show.
The Flintstones ran for 166 episodes. It premiered on ABC on September 30, 1960, and ran for six seasons. The final episode aired on April 1, 1966.

What we want to know:
What was this character’s name?
What years did he appear on The Flintstones?
Do you have, or do you know someone who has, objects related to law enforcement characters?
Who are some of the other cartoon and comic book officers that you remember from your childhood?

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