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The CALEB Network

The Community Alliances and Law Enforcement Bulletin Network (CALEB) is an initiative created from the Museum’s original National Bulletin Board which was created during the summer of 2020 to encourage the public to provide their feedback about current policing in America or share their ideas concerning law enforcement and community relationships.

CALEB goes beyond the idea of the National Bulletin Board by creating a direct line of communication between major law enforcement and community-based organizations. This allows the general public and public safety leaders to collaborate and create further discussions across the nation. Furthermore, the ideas can then be put into action, or by having these discussions, existing programs and events can be shared that already existed but were unknown.

CALEB’s dynamic partnership initiative and constructive contributions made by the community are the two vital components to building a strong Network.

The creation of CALEB was led by the members of the National Law Enforcement and Community Relations Advisory Board.

  • Thomas Canavan, Executive Director – Museum, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
  • Dwayne Crawford, Executive Director, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
  • Teresa Gerton, President and CEO, National Academy for Public Administration
  • Steven LaGanke, Global Marketing Manager –Defense, DuPont
  • Sharon Sayles Belton, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Thomson Reuters
  • Patrick Yoes, National President, Fraternal Order of Police

Features Include

  • Interact with members from around the country about topics concerning the community and law enforcement.
  • Share ideas about ways to improve relationships between the public and law enforcement. Start these discussions among other people and see how it grows and possibly becomes the next big idea!
  • Explore the Resource Center for information from organizations around the country and learn about how they work to support law enforcement and the communities they serve.
  • Learn about innovative events, initiatives, and new educational programs from around the country.

The Badge

Explore More with "The Badge" App

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and Museum is excited to offer “The Badge,” the newest addition in our line-up of resources designed to connect you with our nation’s law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.

The mission of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and Museum is to tell the story of American law enforcement, honor the fallen, and make it safer for those who serve. “The Badge” mobile app (iOS only) enables us to expand and enrich the relationship shared by law enforcement and the community through educational journeys, immersive exhibitions, and insightful programs.

Features Include:

  • Spotlight Officers – Learn about fallen heroes and their career achievements as law enforcement officers.

  • Search Officers – Search through our database dating back to 1794 to learn about all the heroes that put their lives on the line of duty to serve our country. Filter your searches to narrow down your results so that you can find that specific hero you want to honor.

  • Honor the Fallen – Leave a tribute for a specific officer or all fallen officers. Customize your tribute with a unique emblem, photo, and message to share a memory for those heroes so that our community can continue raising awareness for all law enforcement officers.

  • Stats & Facts – Learn more about the museum’s collection with unique and interesting articles that highlight the story of American law enforcement officers through their trials and tribulations.