The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Ambassador Program

Ambassadors promote the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, National Law Enforcement Museum, and the Officer Safety and Wellness programming through outreach, resources, and education.

Program Overview

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) depends on the support of a special group of volunteers: Ambassadors. The NLEOMF Ambassador Program identifies individuals in law enforcement across the nation who believe passionately in our mission to honor the fallen, tell the story of American law enforcement, and make it safer for those who serve. Ambassadors demonstrate this commitment by building awareness and generating support for the organization, while giving officers the opportunity to participate—firsthand—in honoring the men and women whose names are engraved on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Program Mission

The mission of the Law Enforcement Ambassadors is to support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund in their vision of inspiring all citizens to value law enforcement and the vital role it plays in our society in tandem with their mission to honor the fallen, tell the story of American law enforcement, and make it safer for those who serve.

I made my first trip to Washington, DC in May for the Candlelight Vigil in 2003—since then I’ve only missed one year in the 20 years I’ve been attending. The opportunity to become an Ambassador for NLEOMF gives me the privilege of spreading information about the organization and share the great resources we are able to provide to law enforcement officers and their families nationwide.

Ben Hoffman, Police Officer,
Sturbridge, MA, and NLEOMF Ambassador

Request an Ambassador Presentation or Attendance at an Event

To request to have an NLEOMF Ambassador presentation at your agency or to request that an Ambassador attend an event, contact:

Matt Garcia, Program Director[email protected] or


The NLEOMF Ambassador role is a year-round commitment to serving as a local NLEOMF liaison to law enforcement agencies by providing training and technical assistance to officers as well as attending events as a representative of the organization.
NLEOMF Ambassador Program

Materials, Training, and Benefits

Materials and training provided to Ambassadors include:

  • Custom name badge
  • Discount at the NLEOMF online store
  • Business card template
  • Collateral materials
  • Ambassador slide deck for comprehensive presentations
  • Overview video of Memorial, Museum and Officer Safety and Wellness
  • Instructional support from NLEOMF staff

On my first trip to Washington for National Police Week, I was deeply inspired by how extraordinarily special it was to have been a part of this amazing profession surrounded by the fellowship of those coming together to do the same, which is to never forget. I knew from that point forward that for me, I had to become involved, because simply “attending” would never be enough. As the years passed, the friendships grew and so did my involvement. I assisted to whatever extent possible during the months leading up to each year’s annual services and during the week itself. For me, the Ambassador program was simply a deeper calling to continue serving, to stay involved, and always a reminder to never forget.

Daniel Foley, (Ret) Patrolman,
Wyandotte, Michigan Police Department, and NLEOMF Ambassador


NLEOMF Ambassadors are:

  • Active, former, or retired law enforcement officers from federal, state, county, city, municipal, tribal or campus law enforcement in the United States or a U.S. Territory.
  • Committed to the mission and goals of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, the National Law Enforcement Museum, and the Officer Safety and Wellness Program.
  • Skilled at giving presentations to groups of all sizes as well as talking to individual’s one-on-one.
  • Familiar with law enforcement officers within their respective department(s), other area departments, and organizations in their community.
  • Active sworn or retired members of a federal, state, county, city, municipal, tribal or campus law enforcement agency.
  • Willing to participate in National Police Week and Police Weekend events as needed, including, but not limited to: the Candlelight Vigil, staffing Law Enforcement Ambassador table, Police Unity Tour arrival, honor guard reception, airport escorts, Stand Watch for the Fallen, the Destination Zero Award Gala.
  • Willing to attend local law enforcement related conferences, memorial ceremonies, academy presentations, community events, fundraisers and sporting events representing NLEOMF.
  • Able to submit periodic photos and articles related to Ambassador Program activities intended for distribution widely.
  • Available to participate in onboard training and ongoing updates.
  • Able to adhere to confidentiality policy, professional standards, and duties and responsibilities as set forth from the Ambassador Steering Committee.

Ambassador Application Process

Complete an application to the NLEOMF Ambassador Program, including a letter of recommendation and proof of law enforcement employment. Approval will be made by the Ambassador Selection Committee.

I have felt the trauma two generations removed from the sudden loss of my great grandfather killed in the line of duty. I have experienced the loss, some suddenly, of five coworkers during my career. I have been directly and intimately involved in planning funerals for four of my brothers as Commander of the Honor Guard Unit. I have attended dozens of law enforcement funerals nationwide, from New York to Texas, North Dakota to Pennsylvania, and every state in New England. My collective experience has led me to try and do right by all those who have lost a spouse, a child, a sibling, a friend, a coworker, a member of our law enforcement family. Becoming a Law Enforcement Ambassador for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial was natural for me. Standing with a community in a time of loss, supporting the national memorial and museum, and passing along valuable insights on how to keep those serving alive and well was a no-brainer. It spoke to me.

Mark E. Roberts,
Connecticut State Trooper and NLEOMF Ambassador

The National Law Enforcement Officers Ambassador Program would not be possible without the generous support of MissionSquare Retirement.