The Driving Simulator

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The Driving Simulator experience is offered throughout the day on Fridays and Saturdays beginning at 10:30am.


Sit in the Driver’s Seat and Go on Patrol

Place yourself in the driver’s seat of a typical squad car, faced with situations an officer may see on the road, and try your hand at simulated drills used to improve skills necessary for a patrol officer.
The L3Harris Driving Simulator at the National Law Enforcement Museum is a rare and exclusive experience, offering museum visitors the first opportunity in the country to allow civilians to take the wheel of the same training system that law enforcement officers use to practice patrol driving skills!
The Driving Simulator experience is crafted to help visitors better understand the relationship between a patrol officer and other drivers on the road:
When it is safe for an officer to pursue a reckless driver?
When are lights and sirens used?
What specific skills do officers employ to drive safely while enforcing traffic laws?
How much time do officers have to react to unexpected danger?

Guided by an instructor with law enforcement experience, visitors will gain a greater understanding of the average experience of a patrol officer on the road in the United States.

The Technology

The National Law Enforcement Museum Driving Simulator experience features the L3Harris PatrolSim system, which was developed to provide hands-on, experiential training for patrol officers while offering both new and seasoned officers the opportunity to gain experience behind the wheel without risks to people or equipment. With its comprehensive catalogue of scenarios, the instructor can choose between a variety of experiences to not only place the visitor in a “real life” scenario that a patrol officer may face on the road, but also to give them a better understanding of the different skills an officer needs to use—or decisions an officer has to consider—while behind the wheel of a squad car.


Our instructors in the L3Harris Driving Simulator bring a wealth of law enforcement experience to the National Law Enforcement Museum and its visitors. All of our instructors are retired law enforcement professionals from a variety of federal, state, and local agencies. Many of our instructors spent a significant period of their careers in positions of leadership and instructional roles, adding to a richness of perspective for the visitor. Their expertise gives our visitors rare and exclusive access to resources usually reserved law enforcement officers themselves.