Troy Anderson
Executive Director
Officer Safety and Wellness

January | 2023

Fatalities Report is Just the First Step

Each year in January, the NLEOMF releases our much-anticipated End-of-Year Preliminary Law Enforcement Officers Fatalities Report. This report details statistical data surrounding each officer who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our communities. The report offers greater insight into what causative factors take the lives of officers nationally. Through these numbers—and behind the stories covered in the report—emerge troubling trends. The valuable proprietary information contained in this report is then delivered to the nation on January 11, 2023. The result of that release leads to countless television and radio interviews, podcasts, and social and print media articles. The details of the report are consumed by elected officials, law enforcement administrators, policy makers, trainers, rank-and-file officers, and citizens across the United States.

But this report is only the first step in the comprehensive approach to our work.

The NLEOMF Officer Safety and Wellness Program has embraced an appropriate mission statement. “To keep names off the Memorial walls and to make it safer for those who serve.” We resolutely believe that it is not enough to compile and publish this report; rather, it is incumbent upon us, in keeping with our stated mission, to offer real world solutions to make the vocation of law enforcement safer. The solution piece comes in the form of the NLEOMF presenting the National Law Enforcement Officers Firearms Survival Summit in Washington, DC on January 31, 2023.

We are honored to have Steven M. Dettelbach, Director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), as our keynote presenter. He will be followed by a cadre of nationally recognized and highly respected law enforcement professionals who will answer critical questions about what we can garner from the data in the End-of-Year Report, what changes in policy can be implemented to improve safety, how training can evolve to meet the increase in ambush-style attacks, and what emerging technology is available for consideration.

Please sign up for the Summit today and join in learning from thought leaders and industry experts. To reach as many law enforcement executives and stakeholders as possible, the NLEOMF has made this event available at no cost. In-person or virtual, this event promises to be enlightening and transformative for attendees; it has been designed to create awareness, cultural change, and will provide the necessary tools so you can arrive home safely to your loved ones at the conclusion of your tour of duty. After all, isn’t that what this this season is about?

Thank you for the work that you do and the sacrifices that you and yours endure to make the success of this profession possible. I hold each of you in the highest regard.

Happy New Year,

Troy S. Anderson
Executive Director, Officer Safety and Wellness
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund