DHS/FEMA Request regarding Haitian-American Police Officers

A message from the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA

The recent disaster in Haiti has devastated much of the Haitian infrastructure, including its law enforcement capacity. While no deployment of U.S. law enforcement personnel is being initiated at this time, the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA is attempting to identify the numbers of U.S. law enforcement officers who maintain dual U.S./Haitian citizenship that may be interested in deploying to Haiti in the event a decision is made to provide law enforcement assistance.

It is recognized that many in the U.S. law enforcement community would be eager to assist; however, this request is to identify only those U. S. officers maintaining dual citizenship status.

Questions or responses to this request should be directed to FEMA’s Senior Law Enforcement Advisor:

Rick.Dinse@dhs.gov — (202) 646-3053
Chuck.Eaneff@dhs.gov — (202) 646-3147
James.Hagy1@dhs.gov — (202) 646-5039