Educational Workshops Give Students a Value-Added Experience

The Museum offers a variety of workshops for students of all ages. Enhance your class visit with a hands-on workshop in our Learning Center, starting at just $10 per student.
Elementary School 
Acting Out Your Rights Workshop
Elementary students put their creativity to use in our “Right to Act” workshop. Students learn about constitutional rights and apply them to their own lives during a role-playing exercise. Students will write, direct, and act out their own scenes showing how different amendments can affect police and citizens in everyday life. Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Dramatic Arts, Language Arts.   Learn more!
Middle & High School 
Forensics Science Series
Middle- and high-school students can step into the shoes of a forensic scientist by participating in one of the following workshops: Total Forensics, Forensic Pathology, Fingerprints & Impressions, DNA & Blood Pattern Analysis. Curriculum Connections: Life Science, Biology, Forensic Science, Criminal Justice.  Learn more!
Law & Society Series
High-school students can walk in the shoes of a patrol officer when choosing the following workshops: Policing Strategies and/or Training Simulator. Curriculum Connections: Civics & Government, Current Affairs, Law & Society, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, JROTC courses. Learn more!