Wreathlaying Ceremony held to honor 20th Anniversary of fallen FBI and MPD officers

On Friday, November 21, the Memorial Fund hosted a Recorded Memorial Tribute event honoring three fallen law enforcement professionals—FBI Special Agents Martha Dixon Martinez and Michael Miller, and DC Metropolitan Police Department Sergeant Henry Daly.

November 22, 1994, an ex-con was concerned that his fellow gang members
thought he might be a snitch in a murder case. To prove them wrong, he
walked into Metropolitan (DC) Police headquarters, took an elevator to
the Cold Case Squad office, and without saying a word, opened fire with a
semi-automatic weapon. Special Agents Martinez and Miller were killed,
along with MPD Sergeant Henry J. Daly. Special Agent John Kutcha was
critically injured but survived.

Today’s event began at St. Patrick’s in the City Catholic Church with a memorial service for the fallen officers. It continued at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, where FBI ALAT John Kutchta and MPD Detective Lorren D. Leadmon (ret.) made poignant remarks about the fallen officers. The ceremony concluded with the families of the fallen officers laying wreaths at their names on the Memorial while the Joint Regional Pipe & Drum Corps played.

The Memorial Fund would like to thank all the offices and people involved with creating such a lovely ceremony.