Iraqi Minister Lays Wreath at the Memorial

Iraqi Minister Lays Ceremonial Wreath at MemorialOn July 30, 2008, the Honorable Jawad Karim al Bulani, Iraqi Minister of the Interior, visited the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial to lay a ceremonial wreath in honor of all law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Minister Bulani’s trip to the Memorial was a joint effort by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Defense.

NLEOMF Chairman Craig W. Floyd presents Iraqi Minister Bulani with a commemorative gift.NLEOMF Chairman Craig W. Floyd welcomed Minister Bulani, saying, “This wreath-laying ceremony is a symbol of the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers around the world.” Floyd also noted that, since 2003, approximately 12,000 Iraqi police and security officers have paid the ultimate sacrifice. “We are proud partners in Iraq’s quest for freedom and democracy,” said Floyd.

The Honorable Jawad Karim al Bulani, Iraqi Minister of the Interior“My visit here is to express our respect and deep appreciation of law enforcement officers. Police are the front line in defending all that is holy and sacred in life,” said Minister Bulani in his address to the ceremony attendees. Minister Bulani praised the Iraqi police, noting that they retain the highest level of loyalty to civil service and hold an important position within the community. The minister said that the Iraqi police create an environment where communities can prosper, enabling them to be active and give people hope for a better future. The U.S. Park Police present the colors as part of the Wreath-Laying Ceremony.The Iraqi police have made great sacrifices for the freedom of the Iraqi people, he continued, rising to the functions given to them. “Iraqi police are subject to assassinations and liquidations,” he said. “Criminals tried to deter. They failed. We prevailed.”

Minister Bulani concluded his remarks by saying that Iraq remembers the great sacrifices made by the American people and our country’s help to Iraq. Thanking America, Minister Bulani said, “I salute all police forces in the U.S. for their great service.”