Memorial Fund Chairman & CEO Craig Floyd Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy Graduation

On Friday, December 20th, Memorial Fund Chairman and CEO Craig Floyd was given the honor of speaking during the graduation ceremony of Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy, Basic Recruit Class, Session 129. 71 police officers and deputy sheriffs received diplomas and certification as law enforcement and correctional officers during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Craig had the unique opportunity to present a very special graduate with her graduation certificate. Ashley Bowman was just three years old when her father, Virginia State Police Trooper Johnny Bowman, was killed in 1984. Ashley (known to many as Nikki) will become a police officer with the Manassas Police Department. In presenting Officer Bowman with her graduation certificate, Craig stated, “There is no greater tribute she, or any of you, could pay to her father and all those who have fallen in the line of duty than to follow in their footsteps and to carry on their vital service and deep devotion to public safety.”

Left to right: Memorial Fund Chairman and CEO Craig Floyd, Officer Nikki Bowman and
Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy Executive Director William O’Toole

Mr. Floyd concluded his speech with these poignant words, “As long as there are men and women among us, like all of our graduates here today, who are willing to put their lives at risk for the safety and protection of others, there is truly great hope for our nation and the future of our children.”