Built for Blue

Special Event and Art Installation

Built for Blue is a special art installation at the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum.

Two esteemed LEGO® builders meticulously crafted a 5.5’ replica of one of the newly issued U.S. Mint commemorative law enforcement coins. Built of LEGO® bricks, this model honors law enforcement officers during National Police Week and beyond.

SUPPORT BUILT FOR BLUE. Your donation of $40 will buy 70 bricks!

Time Lapse Video

Almost 3 weeks to construct over 90,000 LEGO® bricks! Watch it all unfold here!

Built for Blue is 6 feet tall, over 5 feet wide and 5 inches deep, and will be on display in the window of the Museum’s West Pavilion throughout 2021.

Built for My Community


  • Inviting all ages to design a police station that reflects their community using LEGO® bricks
  • Virtual exhibit will engage families at home by sharing photos of their builds, featured on the Museum’s website and social media channels
  • Three age groups: Up to 8 years-old, 9-17 years of age, and 18+
  • A winner will be chosen from each age group

2021 Commemorative Coin

The Inspiration

The U.S. Mint’s new commemorative coin with two officers saluting on the front and a folded flag on the back is the inspiration for Built for Blue.

  • Three commemorative coins will benefit the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum
  • These coins are authorized by Congress
  • You can pre order each coin separately or as a set of three at lawmemorial.org/coin
  • Coins will ship beginning May 5, 2021
Mel and Jermaine appeared on the inaugural season of Fox’s LEGO Masters, in 2020.

The Builders

Melvin Brown

Mel is a retired, 18-year veteran of Seat Pleasant, Maryland Police Department and former head of the Community Services Unit.

He has continued this in his LEGO® journey and is currently spearheading a new youth project that introduces the joy of building with LEGO bricks into the homes of the underprivileged.

Jermaine Gardner

Under his brand, Brix Media Studios, Jermaine’s talents have brought worldwide recognition of his craft to a spectrum of clients. This led to showcasing his abilities on two reality television shows, Fox’s Lego Masters and Food Network’s Buddy vs Christmas.


Built for My Community Contest

Inspired by our esteemed designers’ impressive giant creation out of LEGO® bricks, now it’s your turn!

Design a police station to meet the needs of your community, built out of LEGO® bricks.

We’re asking everyone across the country—from age 5 to 95—to try your hand at creating your own LEGO® design and help us create an online exhibit. You’ve got until June 16th to submit an image of your creation. In early July we’ll announce winning designs from three age groups and we’ll display many of your submissions in our first-ever community-driven online exhibit.

Contest Rules

Design a police station to meet the needs of your community, built out of LEGO® bricks.


Entries will be judged by each age group: up to 8 years old, 9 – 17 years old, and 18+.

  • Submissions by minors require consent from parent or guardian.

  • Submissions from minors will not be accepted without parent/guardian information. By providing first name of minor along with parent/guardian name, parent/guardian gives permission for minor to enter the “Built for my Community” exhibit contest. You acknowledge that you have read guidelines. You also allow minor’s first name, age, and city/state to be displayed on the Museum’s social media networks for the purposes of displaying exhibit entry. DO NOT provide last name or email address for anyone under the age of 18.

  • Guardians for any minor chosen as a winner for their age bracket will be contacted for phone interview prior to any public announcement to confirm standing as an authorized caretaker the minor.

Only one entry per person. Only submissions from United States territories and states will be considered as contest entries.

Please only provide one image of your submission. All images must be high-quality JPG or JPEG. Please send the highest resolution possible (ideally at least 1 MB). Images may not include a logo or watermark text/image.

We will notify you via email if your photo has been chosen as a winning entry.

Contest Submission Form