National Law Enforcement Museum Remains on Track

By Craig W. Floyd
Chairman and CEO, NLEOMF

I wanted to share some news with you about a new timeline for the National Law Enforcement Museum project and some cost-saving measures that our Board of Directors approved last week.

In order to keep the project on track despite the stark economic realities our nation is facing, the Board developed and approved a plan to extend the timeline for the Museum and implement a number of prudent cost-saving measures. The new plan calls for construction to commence in the fall of 2010, with completion expected by mid-2013. The cost of the project will be reduced by $29 million, largely the result of moving off-site an entire level of administrative space intended for staff, and scrapping plans to relocate a maze of utility lines that run under a portion of the land Congress has designated for the Museum. (Specific details are included in this news release.)

The building will be reduced in size, but the new plan retains two-thirds of the exhibit space, a theater, a Museum shop and dedicated areas for education and research. Please be assured that we are also committed to honoring all of the recognition opportunities that have already been secured by you and our other generous donors. These changes will allow us to build the first-ever National Law Enforcement Museum sooner, rather than later.

I want to thank all of our supporters for your continued patience, understanding and support during these very difficult economic times. The story of law enforcement’s extraordinary contributions to our nation needs and deserves to be told. We are going to make it happen.