“Nothing ‘Routine’ in a Traffic Stop” – Columnist Mourns Lt. Eric Shuhandler

Lieutenant Eric Shuhandler, of the Gilbert (AZ) Police Department, was shot and killed on Thursday, January 28, during a traffic stop near the Gilbert-Mesa border. After pulling over a vehicle, Lt. Shuhandler discovered the passenger had an outstanding warrant. Upon re-approaching the car, the lieutenant was brutally gunned down. The suspects then led police on a more than 30-mile pursuit that ended in a shootout and the capture of the two men.E.J. Montini, a columnist for the Arizona Republic, offered this perspective on Lt. Shuhandler’s death.

“He died, we say, during a ‘routine traffic stop.’ Of course, there was nothing routine about it. Just as there was nothing routine about the traffic stop in which Glendale Officer Anthony Holly was killed. Or the traffic stop in which Phoenix Officer David Uribe was killed.

It goes on. The list of names is too long. Nothing about any of their deaths was ‘routine.’ The word only applies in the broader sense of what the men and women who serve in law enforcement do. They routinely put themselves in harm’s way for our benefit.”

Continue reading the column at http://www.azcentral.com/members/Blog/EJMontini/72747, and learn more about Lt. Shuhandler’s tragic death, http://www.azcentral.com/community/gilbert/articles/2010/01/29/20100129officer-shot-gilbert-ON.html.