Officer of the Month July 2006

Patrolman Christopher Jenkins

Irvington (NJ) Police Department

Washington, DC—The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) has announced the selection of Patrolman Christopher Jenkins of the Irvington (NJ) Police Department as Officer of the Month for July 2006.
Chris Jenkins began his law enforcement career with the Irvington (NJ) Police Department in 2001. Through his time with in this department, he has proven himself numerous times as being a truly heroic and dedicated officer. His investigative skills and selflessness have saved not only millions of dollars in fraud and copyright infringements, but also human lives.
On the afternoon of December 3, 2003, Officer Jenkins along with other officers from the Essex county Sheriff’s Office and the New Jersey State Police positioned themselves to stop a car driven by a car-jacker. When the driver realized he was going to be arrested, he tried desperately to escape.
Recklessly driving down the road, the suspect swipes several vehicles before ramming an automobile driven by an elderly woman. The damage from the crash pinned the elderly lady in the car. The officers position a state police cruiser to block in the vehicle. Yet the suspect continues to ram the car between the elderly woman’s vehicle and the state police cruiser. As Detective Jon Cerefice and Detective Sergeant 1st Class Fernando Pineiro of the New Jersey State Police jump on top of the car and break through the sunroof in an effort to stop the driver, Jenkins springs into action. Placing himself between the elderly woman’s vehicle and the suspect’s vehicle, Jenkins is able to gain access into the woman’s vehicle even with the suspect continuously ramming them. Jenkins is able to free the woman from the car. Finally, Detective Hugh McAleavey of the Essex County Sheriff’s Office places himself in front ot the suspect’s car with his service weapon drawn and orders the driver to stop. After repeated verbal commands to stop, Detective Aleavey was forced to fire on the suspect fearing for the safety of the other officers as well as his own life. As Aleavey forced his weapon, Jenkins shielded the elderly woman with his body.
At the end of the incident, all officers and innocent victims were left unharmed. For their heroic actions and placing themselves in harm’s way, all four officers received the Two Hundred Club of Essex County’s 2003 Valor Award.
During July through December of 2005, Chris Jenkins was assigned to the North Anti-Crime Partnership Region- Vice and Ordinance Squad #1. While assigned to this detail his duties mainly included making investigations into pirated CD’s, DVD’s, untaxed cigarettes, and counterfeit US Currency. Jenkins also conducted investigations in ABC inspections and prostitution. These investigations allowed Jenkins to cooperate with agencies such as the New Jersey State Police, the New Jersey Division of Treasury and Taxation, Watchung Police Department, and numerous others. Within this six month period of investigations, the results were nothing short of outstanding. The investigations led to the arrest of approximately 114 individuals, 20 impounded vehicles, 6 stolen vehicles, 15 recovered guns, $38,763.00 US Currency and $ 280,763.00 in Warrant arrest, confiscated untaxed cigarettes valued at approximately $32,465.00, confiscated pirated CD’s and DVD’s valued at approximately $340,000.00 and $160,800.00 in counterfeit U.S. Currency seized. Jenkins’ supervisor and nominator for this award, Detective Sergeant John Day, states “Jenkins consistently displays job knowledge and expertise in the field of street level criminal investigations, which has been a tremendous asset to me as squad supervisor. He has proven this in the manner in which he has initiated over 50 street level investigations that have resulted in the arrest of numerous individuals.”
A member of NOBLE (National Organization of Blacks in Law Enforcement), Officer Jenkins has truly excelled through his career and done so valiantly. He has received the New Jersey State PBA Heroism Award in 2002, 2003, and 2004.He continues to serve and protect with the Irvington Police Department. Patrolman Jenkins is married and the proud father of two children.
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