The Dangers Law Enforcement Officers Face on the Roadways

On average, 72 officers died from traffic-related incidents(automobile crashes, motorcycle crashes, struck while outside their vehicles,
& train crashes) each year during 2000-2010. But law enforcement officers face a variety of other safety hazards while on our roads and highways.

Recently, CNN featured a dramatic video taken from the dashboard cam of Fortville (IN) Officer Matt Fox highlighting this potential
danger. Officer Fox had noticed a vehicle with a missing taillight and was
conducting a routine traffic stop when suddenly the suspect flees, with Officer
Fox in pursuit. The video shows the suspect suddenly stop, immediately exit his
vehicle and deliver several shots directly at Officer Fox’s vehicle.


Officer Fox was struck in the hand, forehead, and chest. He
was recently released from the Indianapolis Hospital and is in rehabilitation,
with a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Officer Fox is lucky to have survived. Tragically, in 2011,
there were 11 officers shot and killed—including two officers that were
ambushed in unprovoked attacks—while driving or conducting routine traffic
stops, in similar situations as Officer Fox.

More information about Officer Fox’s condition and the
recovery is available at:

This blog is part of a series highlighting the risks law
enforcement officers face on the road, as part of  an innovative partnership  with the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) to promote law enforcement officer safety on the