PRECINCT 444 Podcast

A Podcast of The National Law Enforcement Museum

Encore: Crisis and Homeless Intervention Strategies


Inspired by the depth and severity of the nation’s homelessness crisis made even more apparent by the coronavirus pandemic, this discussion considers the lack of access to regular mental and physical healthcare among people experiencing homelessness, leading to unnecessary entanglement with the criminal justice system. Collaboration between law enforcement and community homelessness services is needed to better address the core issues at hand.
  • Habsi Kaba, Director of Crisis Intervention Teams, Miami-Dade County (FL)
  • Sergeant Aaron Dahl, Vacaville (CA) Police Department
  • Eric Weaver, Executive Director /Lead Instructor for Mental Health and Homeless Intervention, a 20-year veteran of Rochester Police Department and founder of their CIT program.
  • Borinquen (Bo) Hall, Homeless Liaison Specialist, Miami Beach (FL) Police Department Homeless Resource Unit
  • Michael L. Ferrell, Executive Director, The Coalition for the Homeless, Washington, DC