Encore | Doing it Right: Successful Advancements of Law Enforcement Technology, Part 1

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Encore | Doing it Right: Successful Advancements of Law Enforcement Technology, Part 1


Improvements in law enforcement technology can save lives, protect officers, and make operations more efficient, but how do we ensure technological advancements are deployed successfully?

Precinct 444 revisits this conversation from June 29, 2022, featuring several experts in various fields of technology utilized by the law enforcement profession. This conversation considered the effectiveness of new technology, accountability for ethical implementation, and the community engagement needed to educate the public about law enforcement responsibility. By pursuing better training and communication about new technology, we can support safer communities for everyone.

Tune in to learn more about how law enforcement can better protect communities through advancements in technologies.

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  • Jim Burch, President, National Policing Institute

Opening remarks

  • Hoan Ton-That, CEO-Founder, Clearview AI


  • Armando R. Aguilar, Assistant Chief of Police, Criminal Investigations Division, Miami (FL) Police Department
  • Skylor Hearn, former Texas Ranger Captain and DPS Deputy Director; Director of Government Affairs, Clearview AI
  • Det. Sgt. John Kadner, Cascade County (MT) Sheriff’s Office
  • Ganesha Martin, VP of Community Affairs and Public Policy, Mark 43
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