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Encore | Revisiting Scientific Justice: Solving Crimes in “The People’s Lab”, Part 2


Washington, DC, is home to roughly 27 Law Enforcement agencies with overlapping jurisdictions, which often require cross-agency collaboration to solve the nearly 34,000 crimes that occur in the district each year. Processing much of this evidence requires the expertise of trained scientists, and that is where the DC Department of Forensic Science (DFS) plays a crucial role.

Known as “The People’s Lab,” DFS is the largest publicly funded forensics lab in the United States and operates independently under the local DC government, as it serves every law enforcement agency in the district. DFS exists due to the need for simpler cross-agency collaboration and the need for clear communication regarding evidence during the investigation process.

This special virtual panel event will detail the practice of many different kinds of forensic scientists who work for DFS and explain the marvel that is our country’s largest independent forensic lab.

Part 2 concludes this series with a question-and-answer portion of the program.

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  • Dr. Jenifer Smith, Director, DC Department of Forensic Science
  • Wayne E. Arendse, Forensic Science Laboratory Director, DC Department of Forensic Science
  • Christopher LoJacono, Crime Scene Sciences Director, DC Department of Forensic Science